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Whether it’s related to business or home, finding cost-saving solutions has become top of mind for many. Over the past several months, you may have seen an increase in your internet service costs. If you’ve been scratching your head while examining your monthly bill statements, it’s worth checking out T-Mobile Home Internet. It’s the fastest growing internet provider, and over 40 million households are eligible. Check Availability.

T-Mobile 5G at a glance.

  • Just $50 a month with AutoPay, or $30/month with a qualifying Magenta® MAX line
  • 15 day Test Drive to see if it works for you, and get your money back if it doesn’t
  • Price Lock Guarantee – your rate won’t increase
  • Receive up to $750 toward your old ISP’s early termination fees
  • No annual contract
  • Taxes and fees apply to the $50/month payment
  • No data caps, but during congestion, Home Internet customers may face data deprioritization compared to customers using other T-Mobile services

Key features of T-Mobile Home Internet

Try it for 15 days

T-Mobile offers a risk-free trial for new and existing customers. They offer a 15 day trial period so you can see how it stacks up against your current internet service provider. You can call and cancel within those 15 days for a full refund through a one-time bill credit.

T-Mobile will buy you out of your old contract

After your 15 day trial period, if you decide to continue with service, T-Mobile will pay up to $750 of your early termination fees when you switch.

Price Lock Guarantee

T-Mobile Home Internet’s Price Lock Guarantee means your  $50 monthly rate with AutoPay won’t increase. Taxes and fees do apply and regulatory fees may change, but your monthly fee will remain the same for the same quality internet. 

Data speeds

T-Mobile’s Home Internet runs on their 5G and 4G LTE network. They offer average download speeds between 33 Mbps and 182 Mbps and upload speeds between 8 Mbps and 25 Mbps.

5G Gateway device

The T-Mobile Home Internet gateway is a combined router and modem all in one. It uses Wi-Fi 6 technology to increase the range and speeds of your internet. They recommend placing it by a window on an upper floor for maximum results. The device can also be easily set up and monitored through a mobile app, which means no more waiting for installation windows or drilling holes through walls.

Additional benefits for Home Internet customers

T-Mobile also offers a range of other benefits for their customers. They offer one year of VIX+ at no cost with a new membership, a discounted monthly rate of $9.99 for Ooma home phone service, and live TV from Philo for just $15.99 a month. Plus, when you activate a new T-Mobile Home Internet line, you can get a $50 prepaid Mastercard.

Bottom line.

With a 15 day trial, you get the chance to try T-Mobile Home Internet risk-free, with no annual contract. If you’re considering switching internet providers or adding a 2nd internet service, this is a good opportunity to test it out. At just $50/month with Autopay and a Price Lock Guarantee, it’s very compelling. Check Availability.

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