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Customer Relationship Management Software is crucial in today’s business world. Keeping close track of customers and potential customers is imperative for a growing business.

With trustworthy CRM software, you can build important relationships between your small business and your clients. Read on to learn more about CRM systems and our top choices of the best CRM software that is out there in 2023.



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Pros and Cons
  • Wide range of advanced features and customizations
  • Social collaboration options and third-party app marketplace
  • Fluid workflows and solid performance levels
Best Overall CRM: Salesforce Sales Cloud Lightning Professional

Price: Starting at $25 a month, plus add-ons

  • $75 additional for Lightning Professional

Salesforce Sales Cloud Lightning Professional has been the long-term number one choice of CRM software for business owners. This platform excels in easy, interactive features, innovations, use of AI, and salesforce partners.

Salesforce takes the lead for CRM software mostly because of its functionality and back-office applications. The program is a client favorite due to engaging and helping its users in many stages of their business growth, providing assistance with any problems that may come up during usage. Salesforce also has a proprietary sales cloud, which is where their CRM product lives.

The Lightning Professional tier costs its users $75 a month. This tier contains the cloud service and also includes Salesforce lightning technology that allows for deeper customization. It also includes pipelines for sales, lead management features, instant alerts, best practice recommendation pop-ups, and interactive drag-and-drop options for dashboard functionality.


Zoho CRM

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Pros and Cons
  • Contains a deep feature set
  • Nearly 100% customizable with Canvas Builder
  • Flexible artificial intelligence layer at higher tier price
  • Integrated gamification features
  • Steep learning curve
  • Most advanced features are only accessible at the higher price tier
Best for Scaling a BusinessExisting Zoho Customers: Zoho CRM

Price: Starting at $14 to $24 per month

Zoho CRM has been the leading CRM software program in the industry for years. It is a very popular brand for small to midsize businesses, especially when it comes to scaling.

Zoho has updated its analytics program with the addition of Zia, an AI-powered analytics system that you can utilize to get a better handle on customer relations, sales anomalies, and trends.

In 2022, Zoho introduced their Canvas interface editor that contains a drag-and-drop feature. This addition makes Zoho CRM highly customizable for its users without having to hire a developer. 


HubSpot CRM

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Pros and Cons
  • Has a free option available
  • Contains an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to get started
  • Outstanding email integration features
  • Pricing per month can add up once add-ons are added
Best for Easy-to-Use CRM: HubSpot CRM

Price: Estimated $40 to $50 per month

HubSpot CRM is one of the more innovative CRM providers on the market in 2022. It is aimed toward small businesses. It is popular because it has a freemium model in which you can purchase add-ons.

HubSpot has proved itself as an innovator in areas like marketing automation, social media campaign management, and customer relationship management (CRM).

On the downside, HubSpot is advertised as free, but with specific and somewhat necessary add-ons, the monthly price can range from $40 onwards. If you are looking for software that can grow your business and cater to its needs, HubSpot may be the choice for you. 


Freshsales CRM

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Pros and Cons
  • Simplifies the CRM process for new small-business owners
  • Extensive customizable options
  • Interactive AI assistant
  • Highly functional
  • No reports are available in the free membership
  • Customizing the perfect monthly plan can be time-consuming
Best Basic CRM: Freshsales CRM

Price: Starts at $12 per month

Freshsales CRM, from Freshworks, is geared toward small businesses that are looking for basic CRM needs and can upgrade from there. Freshsales can be a good choice if you are new to using CRM software and are looking to get your feet wet. It has options for very basic CRM, which is free and has an easy-to-learn interface.

If you are looking for something more, they also have it. Freshsales works well with other types of business software and offers more in-depth features for those with experience using CRM. Some of their add-on integrations include workflow automation and sales intelligence features.

Another pro is that Freshsales CRM is available in more than 30 different languages and multiple currencies. This is a great option for basic CRM needs with options to add on. 


Zendesk Sell

Learn MoreOn Zendesk’s Website
Pros and Cons
  • Excellent integration with Zendesk’s help desk software
  • Contains an explorer feature that has useful reporting options
  • Easy onboarding and team creation features
  • Useful smart lists
  • Can quickly add up in price after the free tier with add-ons
  • Extremely limited pipelines at the highest tier for the price
  • Very basic email and template features
Best When Integrated With Other Zendesk Products: Zendesk Sell

Price: Starting at $19 per month

Zendesk first became popular for its help desk platform.

Years later, the company introduced Zendesk Sell, its CRM software. This is a good choice for small- to mid-size businesses. In 2022, Zendesk Sell released an update to its original program, which includes a section for advanced analytics. This feature has moved Zendesk Sell higher in the choice list for CRM software programs.

Although it is a good choice for small businesses, Zendesk has a downside with its pricing options. Their prices add up quickly, especially with notably fewer features than their competitors. One of the features that you have to pay extra for, but can be extremely convenient, is their CRM app. The app is especially functional when paired with other Zendesk products. 


Less Annoying CRM

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Pros and Cons
  • Newly designed and functional interface
  • Wide range of help and support options
  • Easy integration of mobile websites
Best for Startups: Less Annoying CRM

Price: Starting at $15 per month

For one of the most affordable CRM solutions on the market, Less Annoying CRM offers a wide array of performance and flexibility features. These features can be a tremendous asset to a small business or a startup at a low cost.

Less Annoying CRM is a program that allows business owners to get their customer relations up and running quickly. It is easy to use and has modern web-based solutions and technologies. It falls just behind Salesforce Sales Cloud Lightning and Zoho CRM because of their more extensive reporting options and extensive features.

If you are looking for CRM software that is more on the basic side with better features and at a decent price, Less Annoying CRM would be a good option to go with.


Sales Creatio

Learn MoreOn Sales Creatio’s Website
Pros and Cons
  • A highly customizable unified business solution
  • High-functioning CRM software
  • A complete sales tool that streamlines the business process from start to finish
  • Short free trial period
  • Steep learning curve
  • Customization can be overwhelming
Best for Large Sales Teams: Sales Creatio

Price: Starts at $30 per month

Sales Creatio, formerly known as Creatio CRM, is an all-inclusive tool that is designed to handle the entire business process from initial lead to executing continuous sales for larger scaled businesses. Customization can be a bit daunting without expert assistance, but once it is set up, it will cater to difficult and specific business needs.

With this abundance of flexibility, it is not recommended for small businesses but for larger businesses that need effortless streamlining.

This software offers CRM and BPM (business process management) tools. These tools include Sales Creatio for CRM, Creatio Marketing for marketing automation, and Creatio Service for help desk operations. 

All three of these systems are included in the standard price. This wide array of options makes the Sales Creatio solution stack a good bang for your buck.

What is CRM software?

In the last few years, the business world has changed dramatically. In certain business models, face-to-face customer interaction has dwindled, and many more online customers have emerged. With the use of the internet, businesses have been able to grow their customer reach worldwide.

With a CRM, also known as a customer relationship management program, company and customer interaction has become more fine-tuned. Digital forms of communication have replaced traditional ones, and there is no turning back.

A proper CRM software not only tracks customer contact information but also can keep close track of every single staff-to-customer interaction. This can also include audits of customers’ first purchases, support calls, and email inquiries.

A good CRM software system will allow you to track and analyze this communication data and be able to access it whenever you need it.

The bottom line

As with any other business investment, it is important to evaluate your business’s needs before purchasing any new software

As CRM has proven its worth in customer relations, some prior research should be done to choose the best CRM tool for you. The major factors to consider are the size of your business, how much help or automation you need, and your investment budget.

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